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U:DRY High Dry Shampoo

U:DRY High Dry Shampoo

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U:DRY High Dry Shampoo is a volumizing, translucent dry shampoo that quickly absorbs oils while adding instant volume & texture. Perfect for fine oily hair, or lifeless dirty hair.

Product Features

• Refreshes hair instantly
• Absorbs excess oil without buildup
• Wash less – keeping hair healthy
• Neutralizes odor
• Safe for chemically/ color-treated hair and extensions


Shake can well. Using a sweeping motion, spray evenly onto roots 4 to 6 inches away from scalp. Massage in at roots using fingertips or brush. Style as desired.

Tip: For fine, day 2 and beyond-oily hair, or just a quick pick me up. You can also use on clean hair to add texture or to keep oil in check.